Wavelengths Conference
This year's annual Wavelengths: Global Music Conference, one of the largest gatherings of world music professionals in North America, has been announced! The two-day event will take place virtually over Zoom on Friday, January 29 + Saturday, January 30 and will highlight important conversations on urgent issues facing the international music ecosystem, from agents/managers and presenters to artists and media. We're reconnecting with intention, moving away from the hypothetical and into the real and practical.
During this grim period of isolation, we're working very hard to create a compelling and engaging event that allows for a sense of community that the conference is known for. For each session, we are identifying ways to make sure that your voice is heard and connections can be made. To make this year's conference happen, we have added a small fee to attend — however, no one will be turned away.
Suggested value for the conference is $40, but please select the ticket tier that's most comfortable for you and your financial circumstances in this moment.

"Many musicians who cherish local and traditional styles have decided that the way to ensure their survival is through adaptation and hybridization, retaining the essence while modernizing the delivery system. For musicians, fusion is also fun: a chance to learn new skills, a way to discover creative connections. There are commonalities in the ways voices can croon or bite or break, in mechanisms like repetition or call-and-response, in wanting people to dance. Modernization doesn’t have to mean homogenization."

Read the review of globalFEST 2021 by Jon Pareles at The New York Times HERE.

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gf 2021 artists

Aditya Prakash
Aditya Prakash Ensemble | USA / India 

Dedicated Men
Dedicated Men of Zion | USA


globalFEST will again present a series of awards that celebrate those that excel in the small but crucial global music field in the USA, too often with little recognition.